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Bruce T. Carroll

New! Album Release Date and Fan Funding Announced! And, The Storytellers Live at the Bijou Theater, Bridgeport CT

Happy to announce the July 15th release date for the first single "Nobody Knows" from my new album, titled "First Bird To Sing", which is now scheduled for release on Sept 1st, 2021!

Today we're announcing a fan-funding effort to help pay for the considerable cost of recording, producing, and marketing this record, which is a full-length, full band, real time effort recorded live at The Building in Marlboro, NY with a whole array of Hudson Valley musicians, including Lee Falco, Brandon Morrison, Will Bryant, Connor Kennedy, Sara Milonovich, Andy Stack, Jay Collins, Tommy Mandel and Marc Shulman!

To that end, here is a breakdown of funding levels intended to raise the money, and the rewards you will be getting in return:
$25: Signed CD copy of First Bird To Sing and/or Download Card
$50: Signed Vinyl Copy of First Bird to Sing with accompanying Download Card
$100: CD's and Download Cards for ALL THREE Bruce T Carroll albums, including Ruckus and Romance, Finding You, and First Bird To Sing
: Signed Vinyl Copy of First Bird To Sing, signed CD's and/or Download Cards for Ruckus and Romance, Finding You and First Bird To Sing, PLUS YOUR NAME listed in the liner notes as a contributor.
$500: ALL of the CD's and Downloads for my three albums PLUS signed Vinyl for First Bird To Sing, PLUS credit as an Associate Producer for First Bird To Sing on the album cover or liner notes.
$1000: All of the CD's and Downloads for my three albums plus signed Vinyl for First Bird To Sing, PLUS credit as the Producer of First Bird To Sing on the album cover or liner notes

Anyone who can contribute to this effort should use Paypal or Venmo. Here are my accounts:
Paypal: brucethomascarroll@
Venmo: Bruce-Carroll-7 or

Be sure to include your physical addresses for mailed items, and any other return information we would need to send your rewards..

Folks, THANK YOU in advance for your support!
Without it, this album would likely not be completed!

So excited to share this intimate stage with vaunted songwriters David Ray and Don Lowe at the Bijou Theater in Bridgeport Ct on Friday, July 16th, at 7:30pm!

This gorgeous little theater, with a storied past dating back to the early 1900's, seats about 200, with great acoustics and a great sound system. Its very early days having been devoted to presenting silent films and vaudeville acts, the now beautifully renovated Bijou is committed to restoring its former glory by staging an eclectic array of worthy artists and films, and has enlivened downtown Bridgeport thereby. The Storytellers (Bruce T Carroll, David Ray, and Don Lowe) are old friends and raconteurs with serious repertoires and significant "real life" experience, which they are pleased to have the opportunity to share with you, the live and streaming audience! (this show will accomodate a modest, socially-distanced live audience AND be live-streamed by Musae.ed). See the link provided below to buy tickets for either the live show or the livestream.

In addition to this great show at the Bijou, I am hard at work finishing up my new full-length album, recorded with members of the Restless Age (nee The Nightflyers) up at their studio in Marlboro, NY. This record is a real departure for me, with a significantly harder edge that brings new life to the music and greater meaning to the lyrics....very excited for what should be a late June release!

Until then, be safe and be well!