Bruce T. Carroll

Farewell, Summer....Welcome Fall!

A great summer has come to an end, with some awesome shows under our belt, including full band extravaganzas at Rockwood, the Falcon, and the River Spirit Waterfront gig in Hastings...really feeling the band is coming into "maturity", getting stronger and more confident in the material, and providing a powerful experience for those of you who have been able to come out and see us...
The next full band show is at The Bitter End in NYC on Saturday, October 13th, at 9pm...The players will be me, Marc Shulman, Sara Milonovich, Tommy Mandel, Lincoln Schleifer, and Joe Bonadio...Highly recommended!
September, October, November, and December are replete with Solo/Duo/Trio shows, at Bar'lees in Mamaroneck, Alvin and Friends in New Rochelle, Sarah's Wine Bar in Ridgefield,  6 Degrees of Separation in Ossining, The Beanrunner Cafe in Peekskill, and Hayfields in North Salem.
In addition, I'll be attending the NERFA conference in November, and playing a couple of "Guerilla Showcases" on Friday and Saturday night, November 9th and 10th..
So, while you're here on the website, kindly scroll down to the bottom of the page and get on the mailing list so I can send you updates, because gigs are constantly being added!
Oh, and dont forget to vote on November 6th in what is shaping up to be the most important election of our lifetime.

updated: 1 year ago