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Bruce T. Carroll

Review of Finding You from Acoustic Live, December 2018, written by Richard Cuccaro

"Bruce Carroll has a raspy voice, just perfect for rendering his true-to-life lyrics. I heard him sing “Just Like Finding You” in the guerrilla showcase room across from ours and I was hooked. How do you appreciate a lover? Maybe like this: She was like finding calm inside a hurricane / like finding money in the road / like finding God before you go insane / like getting all you were ever owed / It was just like finding you. The minor chords and the cello backup reach into the listener’s heart and squeeze it. “Fox in the Henhouse,” the leadoff track, was another one that left its echo in my brain. The lyrics cover a lot of what has happened to our country, our pride in our achievements and in the demise of our communal structure, financial and otherwise. The culmination is something all too recognizable: Now he’s a stone cold liar / he’s a well-known cheat / He’s a soulless coward / brought up on easy street … It seems to point at a particular someone, but there is, I’m afraid, more than one “fox” in our henhouse. Hearing the hard-won realizations in the other personal musings on this recording are like having a heart-to-heart with an old friend over a bottle of wine. I can always use a friend like this"

– Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live, December 2018